Earth Unscrewed: From science fiction to the world's most eco-friendly transport

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
18 December 2019

As the world’s population continues to grow and the global demand for rapid transportation rises, this challenge must be met in a way that is efficient, clean and safe for the future of the planet.

In our new episode of Earth Unscrewed you’ll learn all about Virgin Hyperloop – the world’s leading hyperloop company, building the fastest, most energy-efficient, most environmentally friendly transport system. 

A new form of mass transportation hasn’t been created in over 100 years and hyperloop has the potential to change the world. As Virgin Group founder Richard Branson puts it: “We need big ideas like hyperloop to reach zero-emission transport, while rapidly connecting people and goods.” 

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Image from Virgin

Ryan Kelly, Head of Marketing and Communications at Virgin Hyperloop, discusses the incredible elements of a hyperloop system including magnetic levitation, on-demand and direct-to-destination pods, and shares just how soon we can each expect to be travelling in a hyperloop. 

The Virgin Hyperloop team are reinventing transportation to eliminate the barriers of distance and time, so listen in and share our excitement about the most sustainable mass transportation system in the world.

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