Earth Unscrewed: Can Electric Power Empower?

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
2 May 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed we look to Kenya to learn how electric power can help unscrew the planet whilst empowering economies and societies.

Our hosts, Helen and Seyi, hear from two guests, each taking a different approach to the challenge. Crystal Adero Okudo works on better grid connectivity and Simon Bransfield Garth, from Azuri Technologies, offers pay-go solar home systems. 

Whilst this episode focuses on Kenya, different countries and regions across Africa are taking various exciting approaches to the challenge of clean energy. 

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There's a solar power plant in Egypt that's already supplying two million people with electricity, in Ghana the Ada wind project will be coming online in 2019, and in South Africa the start-up, Shakti, are piloting pedal powered energy – just to name a few!

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