Meet the Author: June Sarpong

A few weeks ago, on hearing that the wonderful June Sarpong was speaking at a Virgin event in Hackney, I jumped in a taxi and rushed over to get a little background on her new book: Diversify... with an hour’s notice! The full title is, Diversify, Six Degrees of Integration, because the world is separate enough.

On sitting down with June I immediately had to confess that although on my list, I hadn’t yet read her book. Luckily she was understanding and didn’t halt the interview right away! For weeks, colleagues in work had been raving about Diversify; how thought-provoking, personally challenging, educational and ultimately, what an enjoyable read it is. 

Over to June to tell us a little more about Diversify:

To quote the book’s literature (as it explains the premise of the book better than I can!):  “Working with Nuffield College, Oxford University, in Diversify June Sarpong considers how we create and use stereotypes, and how they negatively impact our social interactions both overtly and covertly.  Using personal anecdotes, referencing stories of success, and by introducing the ‘ISM Calculator’, Diversify encourages readers to calculate their levels of discriminative views and limiting beliefs that they can challenge or possibly conquer as they complete the six steps.”

I didn’t quite achieve reading June in the month of July, but I will definitely be reading June in August! I would love it if you would read along with me and share your thoughts. If your summer reading list is already full, you can visit to find out more. On there you will also find the ‘ISM Calculator’ – it’s really interesting, give it a go. What have you got to lose!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll touch on June’s Six Degrees of Integration. June goes in to the most incredible detail about our society, both in the UK and States, and what it is to be ‘OTHER’.  I guarantee you will learn so much and be left with much to think about. I already can’t wait to read Diversify cover to cover and really encourage you to read it too.

I’m hoping to catch up with June at the end of the month – so any questions you have regarding any of the themes in her book – please send to me via my social media channels or in the comments section below. 

As June says:  “Here’s to creating a whole new normal…”


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