Top tips for balancing work and wellness

Have you been involved in Employee Wellbeing Month this June? It’s a brilliant initiative from Virgin Pulse.

We can do our best work when we feel healthy and happy, and I’m proud of the efforts we go to help people feel their best at Virgin Management.

Holly and Richard for the 2016 Strive Challenge

A few of the healthy activities at Virgin Management include a weekly running club and yoga classes, free health assessments, a weekly digital detox, Virgin Pulse memberships and involvement in their challenges, discounted Virgin Active memberships, free healthy lunches each day, a cycle to work scheme, flexible work policies.

But there’s always more that can be done.

I recently heard the story of Lisa Kurdziel, an events manager for Virgin Unite, who completed the London Marathon in April this year.

Lisa during the marathon

Lisa is an absolute powerhouse. To date, she has completed several triathlons (including a full Ironman) and seven marathons, in an effort to tick off each of the six World Marathon Majors.

Through these incredible athletic efforts, Lisa has raised close to $100,000 for the MS Society and for her mum who has fought hard against Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years.

It was lovely to hear Lisa discuss how understanding and supportive Virgin have been of Lisa’s training and lifestyle:

“I’m so grateful to work with and for people who don’t just tolerate my endurance sports hobby, they truly celebrate it! The Virgin team understands the value (both personally and professionally) of staying healthy and challenging your own limits and assumptions. My team even threw me a send-off party for the London Marathon.” 

Lisa Kurdziel and her mum at the London Marathon in 2019

Lisa also shared the following tips for maintaining balance between work and wellness which I hope you all find really useful and inspiring:

  1. Plan ahead: This applies to everything from meals, workout plans, office outfits and gym gear. I diligently set aside Sunday evenings to prepare for the week ahead.
  2. Don’t expect perfection: Understand that some days will be easier and more fruitful than others. Perfection is not required for progress. I make sure to just keep showing up and doing my best.
  3. Embrace an out of office state of mind: When I head out for training sessions, my personal phone is OFF, my work phone left at home, and it becomes true ‘me’ time where I can really be truly present. I find this is really beneficial for my mental wellbeing as well as my fitness.
  4. Prioritise recovery: I’ve had to learn that the training doesn’t stop when you hit the shower. I really try to prioritise getting sufficient and quality sleep, drinking plenty of water (especially at work) and finding little ways to sneak mobility and movement into my day really helps with my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You can learn more and support Lisa and her mum’s incredible journey right here. To get involved in Employee Wellbeing Month, download Virgin Pulse’s free digital toolkit and share your journey with us all using the hashtag #MyWellnessMonth.


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