Simon Sinek on being a visionary in The Infinite Game

It was such a joy to sit down with my good friend, the wonderful Simon Sinek, to talk all about his new book and international bestseller, The Infinite Game, as part of my Meet the Author interview series.

In case you haven’t heard of Simon, he’s a TED Talk icon; five-time author; leadership guru and a self-confessed, unshakable optimist. I think Simon is one of the most influential thought leaders of our time who is changing the face of business - for the positive - one book at a time!

Holly Branson and Simon Sinek - Meet The Author

When The Infinite Game came out last year, I couldn’t put it down (literally read it in two days) and I found myself recommending it to everyone. In fact, at the start of our interview I asked Simon if he had sent copies to politicians around the world and, if not, I offered to do it for him! This book has much to teach leaders in every field: business, charity, government and education. It’s a true game-changer.

For businesses, it’s a brilliant blueprint to achieve long-lasting success by focusing on a long-term vision (‘Just Cause’) and the entire business journey (‘The Infinite Game’) rather than an end-goal or short-term objectives. As Simon so eloquently states: “There’s no such thing as ‘winning’ at business.  No one is ever declared the winner of business or the winner of careers! How can you win or be the best in a game that has no finish line?”

As someone who is passionate about business being driven by purpose, I love how The Infinite Game explains how companies need to understand where the world is going and how their business can make it better. I absolutely agree with Simon’s passionate belief that that this can’t be achieved without having a clear vision of why your company exists – namely it’s Just Cause. He goes so far as to say the role of ‘CEO’ ought to be changed to ‘CVO’ – Chief Vision Officer. Just brilliant! 

As I read Simon’s thoughts on vision, I was reminded of my Dad and the vision he has created for Virgin. Being a visionary leader came naturally for Dad, but I was curious to understand if it’s a skill that can be learned. 

I’ve dedicated much of my career to helping businesses embed purpose into their very core, so it was fascinating to find so many parallels between my thoughts on purpose and Simon’s thoughts on finding meaning through having a vision / Just Cause. For a moment I was worried I’d been on the wrong track!  That’s the joy of Simon’s books - they challenge you to question your role (both in life and work) and leave a more positive impact on everyone and everything around you. It uses some fascinating and real examples so you can learn from other individuals and businesses on how to 'do business for good’ in the modern world and how to avoid the pitfalls. So informative and inspiring!

Holly Branson and Simon Sinek - Meet The Author

I can’t thank Simon enough for letting me me pick his brain and to x+why for hosting us in your beautiful venue. I hope you enjoy the interview and I’ll share more insights from Simon in the coming weeks – including how to embrace your greatest rival and a bit of a horror story of banking gone bad.


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