Seven projects making big change in education

So excited to introduce the new education projects and partners we’ll be working with at Big Change this year!

Holly Branson and Noah - big change 2019

We carefully selected seven projects in the early stages of their development that are transforming education and tackling challenges at their root cause.

When you think about the scale of education reform that is needed and, what it will take to create a modern education system that is fit for purpose, it’s it can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’re bringing together innovative people who are that have some of the answersworking on solutions and helping them scale their innovative ideas. By amplifying their impact, we can show the world that change is possible and importantly, provide a blueprint for how others to make it happen too. As we say at Big Change, education is everybody’s business and our work aims to empower educators, businesses, governments, parents, students and leaders all over the world to become agents of education change. This is the only way that wide-scale impact can be created.

Princess Beatrice and Holly Branson for Big Change

From charities like Lighthouse who are working to give children in care the same education opportunities as everybody else to the Big Leadership Adventure who run a two-year leadership programme aimed at driving systemic education change – the projects we’re working with this year all address core education issues from different angles.

From our 2019 impact report and learning review, we found three areas that need to be addressed to create the biggest impact on young people’s lives. These are:

  • Increasing Agency: Young people are growing in confidence and self belief, determined and able to take control of their lives and shape their futures.
  • Expanding Opportunity: Project partners are increasing the range and diversity of how, when and where young people develop valuable new knowledge and skills.
  • A Growing Ecosystem: A broader range of inspiring and ambitious adults and organisations are working in new ways to improve young people’s learning and wellbeing.
Holly Branson Mustard seed Roundtable panel

Each of the project partners we have chosen to work with this year address these different areas at their very core and really capture what we hope change will look like.

I can’t wait to get to know some of the young people that their work is supporting.

Big Change community - change is happening launch 2019 - Holly Branson

Here’s to another year of learning and here’s how you can help us reimagine education.


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