Virgin Voyages reveal their crew uniforms

So exciting seeing Virgin Voyages unveil their crew uniforms – and just like the rest of the ship, they are nothing like what you would expect a crew uniform to look like, and all the better for it!

 It was only fitting to reveal them to the world in style - so we had a great party during London Fashion Week at the London Opera House with an incredible surprise performance from Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera - Virgin Voyages - LFW  - Uniform launch

Virgin Voyages teamed up with designer Gareth Pugh to create something that would make our crew feel really special while onboard. People do their best work and can be their happiest selves when they feel comfortable and confident. As you can see from these pictures, the designs really do redefine the meaning of the word uniform. Of course, there are no ties in sight and we have also broken with the outdated cruise tradition of epaulette stripes for officers.

Richard Branson and Gareth Pugh

I got the chance to model one of the uniforms myself earlier in the day as we opened Virgin Voyages’ training centre in Portsmouth with CEO Tom McAlpin and the team. I hope our crew love the uniforms as much as I do! 

It’s been great fun being involved in the design process and giving feedback along the way. One thing that means a lot to me is practicality and it’s important that while the uniforms look eye-catching and stylish, they also have to be fit for purpose for a variety of different job functions, body types and climates. Virgin Voyages have been testing them and getting feedback from a wide range of people across many of our other Virgin companies around the world. 

Virgin Voyages uniform

I think it’s really great that many of the outfits will be paired with red PLAE sneakers that are both stylish and comfy. These trainers are gender-neutral and can be worn by any of our crew with a whole range of outfits. I’ve been wearing trainers with everything for years – so it’s great to see it catching on! Virgin Voyages have also kept sustainability at the forefront of their mind – the shoes even feature eco-friendly lining sourced from coffee grounds.

Richard Branson, Holly Branson, Joan Branson and Billy Porter

The new uniforms are another example of how Virgin Voyages are tearing up the cruise industry playbook. We’re determined to bring the romance back to sea travel and reinvent the whole experience.

It was wonderful to celebrate another exciting step that brings us closer to setting sail on the high seas. Keep up to date with Virgin Voyages’ latest updates and see all they have to offer here.


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