Introducing baby Bluey Branson

Incredibly proud to share the wonderful news that our fourth grandchild has been born – Bluey Rafe Richard Branson. Baby, mum Bellie and dad Sam are all doing brilliantly. As Sam shared: “He is such a gentle and strong little soul. Having children is the most awe-inspiring and humbling experience!”

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Bluey was born on January 18th at 3.40pm, weighing 8.11lbs and his big sister Eva-Deia and cousins Etta and Artie are thrilled to have a little brother and cousin, and all the family are over the moon.

Richard Branson Sam Branson and Eva-Deia

There are many reasons behind the name Bluey. His great-great grandfather was a Cambridge rowing blue, while his great-grandfather (my dad) was a Cambridge swimming blue.

When Sam was born (early) I was attempting to win the Blue Riband back for Britain by completing the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by boat. We crashed and had to be rescued from the ocean. I was collected by a banana boat, in which a woman wearing evening dress showed me the front page of the Daily Mail, which had a picture of Sam on it. We went on to complete another Blue Riband attempt and win back the trophy.

Finally, all of our family loves Australia, especially Sam, who spent his gap year there. Sam, Bellie and Eva-Deia also spent some magical time there recently before Bluey’s birth. When we were trying to come up with a name for our airline in Australia, we chose Virgin Blue after an Aussie explained to me that Bluey meant redhead in Australia. The flying maidens on the side of our planes had red hair too.

It would have been equally wonderful if we were welcoming another girl into the family, but it is extra special to now have two little boys – Bluey and Artie – and two little girls – Eva-Deia and Etta. We really are the luckiest family in the world.


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