The world’s first spacewear system for private astronauts

Richard Branson wears the Virgin Galactic spacesuit
Image from Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic
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Published on 15 October 2019

How exciting to unveil the world’s first exclusive spacewear system for private astronauts – and to try out the spacesuit I will wear on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial spaceflight. 

We’re thrilled to have created the spacewear in partnership with Under Armour, the Exclusive Technical Spacewear partner of Virgin Galactic. The spacewear system comprises of a base layer, spacesuit, footwear, training suit and Limited Edition astronaut jacket, and it all looks and feels fantastic.

Richard Branson and three models wearing the Virgin Galactic spacesuit
Image from Virgin Galactic

We showcased the spacewear system on a zero gravity, vertical catwalk – as you can see in the video, it really was quite the show. How remarkable seeing the amazing performers flying through the air in our spacesuits, a tantalising teaser of how our astronauts will look and feel.

Video from Virgin Galactic

It was wonderful having my friend Kevin Plank, the CEO and Founder of Under Armour, with us here in New York for the unveiling too, and we had a great discussion about the spacewear. Kevin shared how the spacesuits include a special pocket over the heart to hold personal mementos. I will use mine to take photos of my mum and dad, kids Holly and Sam, wife Joan and our five grandchildren up into space.

The back detail of the Virgin Galactic spacesuit
Image from Virgin Galactic

Spacesuits are a part of the iconography of the first space age; our visual impressions of human spaceflight and what astronauts wear are inextricably linked. Requirements for astronaut spacewear as we enter the second space age are evolving, but the design challenge has not diminished. We were delighted when Kevin and Under Armour stepped up to this task and they have surpassed our expectations.

There has been so much work put in to get this spacewear just right, with safety our North Star and the requirement for safety and utility matched by a focus on customer experience. A huge range of experts, including doctors, astronaut trainers, pilots, apparel and footwear designers, engineers and Future Astronaut customers, fed into the process to fully understand and address all requirements.   

Virgin Galactic spacesuit
Image from Virgin Galactic

I love the way the spacewear looks and I love the way it feels. I also love the fact that the next time I put it on, I will be on my way to space.

Head over to Virgin Galactic to find out more about the world’s first exclusive spacewear system, and to see more highlights from our unveiling.