The world’s first meditation flight

Richard Branson standing in the aisle of a plane wearing headphones
Image from Virgin Australia
Virgin Galactic
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Published on 10 October 2018

I’m feeling very Zen after enjoying the world’s first dedicated meditation flight with Virgin Australia. In partnership with app-based mindfulness platform, Smiling Mind, we soared above the Sydney skyline meditating at 30,000 feet.

It was all to encourage people to use some of their flight time to practice meditation. We now have Smiling Mind’s app on our Virgin Australia in-flight entertainment system. 

Richard Branson meditates on the world's first meditation flight
Image from Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has also launched a new way for anxious with our airline before flying. But meditation isn’t just useful for nervous flyers – it is for everyone. I’m new to meditation, but my son Sam practices it regularly and I am a huge believer in the benefits of looking after your mind as well as your body.

Richard Branson serving hot towels on Virgin Australia's meditation flight in 2018
Image from Virgin Australia

I’ve just come back from the 30-day Virgin Strive Challenge and have been working out at Virgin Active in Singapore and Melbourne on this trip already. But while that tests my physical fitness, it’s great to look after my mind’s health too.

After we got back to Sydney we enjoyed a yoga session in the Lounge too – I’m not sure I got all the moves quite right but the spirit was certainly there! Thanks to all the team for joining in too.

Integrating mindfulness into our everyday lives is just as important as eating well and exercising regularly, and I am so excited Virgin Australia is deeply embedding mindfulness into the workplace and onboard flights.

Richard Branson doing yoga in Virgin Australia's yoga lounge
Image from Virgin Australia
Richard Branson laughs in the Virgin Australia yoga lounge
Image from Virgin Australia
Richard Branson practices yoga with two female instructors in the Virgin Australia lounge
Image from Virgin Australia

Today’s flight wasn’t just about celebrating a new partnership between Virgin Australia and Smiling Mind, it was about sending a message that we take mental health seriously – and we’re doing something about it. Head over to Virgin Australia to find out more, and take a look at’s World Mental Health Day panel too.