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Published on 29 September 2019

When Will Smith sent me a video recently urging me to get active, I responded by recording myself doing pull-ups. But, as you can see in this video, I may have had a helping hand.

However, inspired by the challenge, I was determined to get myself in shape to do the pull-ups – this time for real! I’ve been practicing hard, and managed to work my way up to six pull-ups before the 2019 Strive Challenge. Here’s the proof.

I got up to 10 during Strive, and now that is done and dusted, I’m onto the next challenge and aiming to get to 20 pull-ups. I’ve added a daily seven minute interval workout to my normal routine of tennis, cycling, kite-surfing and weights. Watch out Will!

Virgin Sport partnered with JUST Goods, which was founded by Will’s son Jaden Smith, at the race to eliminate 19,000 single-use plastic water bottles. It was a particularly hot day so I’m glad they were all able to enjoy JUST Water plastic-free as they ran.

Richard Branson drinks JUST WATER
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An additional 40,000 plastic bottles were removed from the route and replaced with fully recyclable paper cups, while the race was the first Virgin Sport event to replace plastic kit bags with long-life natural cotton tote bags. It’s all part of our goal to make all our running events plastic bottle free this year, eliminating half a million single-use plastic bottles from our courses.

Whether it’s getting active by running, getting a sweat on by walking more, working hard and having fun in a Virgin Active health club, or even just getting up from your desk more and moving around, it’s so important for all of us to stay active. As it turns out, all you really need is seven minutes. For more inspiration to get active, head over to Virgin Pulse, Virgin Active and Virgin Sport. Right, back to the gym for some more practice…