Valiant Lady’s Mermaiden Voyage

Richard Branson with Virgin Voyages team mates in Honduras
Greg Rose
Virgin Galactic
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Published on 2 November 2022

All aboard! What a pleasure to join Virgin Voyages for Valiant Lady’s Mermaiden Voyage from Miami to Roatan, Honduras. As I arrived at our stunning Terminal V, it was clear this was going to be a special one. Not only were hundreds of our sailors already in fancy dress for Halloween, there appeared to be dozens of merfolk amongst us (more on that later…)

When you step on board a Virgin Voyages ship, it feels like entering another world, full of people ready to relax, celebrate, rejuvenate and let their hair down. Walking around the ship, I met so many first time cruisers that were already booking again, and many more loyal Virgin Voyages devotees (special thanks to Jimmy and Michael, two of our most regular and enthusiastic sailors!)

We created Virgin Voyages because we wanted to shake up a stale sector and rethink every aspect of the customer experience. We knew regular cruisers wanted unique cruises, and we also wanted to appeal to a different kind of traveler, who perhaps hadn’t previously considered going on a cruise. Every aspect of the experience is focused on what adults enjoy: wellness, fitness, great entertainment and sophisticated eateries.

I also wanted to build a cruise I would love to go sail on – as I now have several times, including my birthday voyage this past summer. I was in my twenties when I first started looking into starting a Virgin cruiseline. Now Virgin Voyages has created an experience I would have loved in my twenties, and every decade of my life, including my seventies – and I’m sure my eighties and nineties too! It truly is an experience for every adult, from 21 to 101 – the young to the young at heart.

Virgin Voyages
Virgin Voyages

One of the things I most love about sailing with Virgin Voyages is the chance to work out on the ship. Whether an early morning weights session, a walk around the deck or some laps on the running track, I keep very active onboard. That means I can then really enjoy the incredible variety of restaurants on-board. This time around, my highlights were dinners at Pink Agave and The Wake, as well as breakfasts at The Galley.

Valiant Lady docking at PortMiami for the first time
Virgin Voyages

On Halloween, I put on my trusty pirate outfit. (I’m in the habit of telling my grandchildren I’m a pirate, which led to them telling me after my Virgin Galactic spaceflight that I was the first pirate in space!) Rather than walk the plank, I travelled around all of the ship’s crew areas, thanking the wonderful people who keep Virgin Voyages running so smoothly and make it such a blast. As ever, it is our people who create the Virgin spirit and set us apart.

Virgin Voyages team holding up nationality flags with Richard Branson
Virgin Voyages

There were some spectacular costumes around – I particularly loved the giant squid, Indiana Jones, and of course various octopuses and sea monsters. These were all just a preview for what would take place a few days later at our beach club in Bimini – a world record attempt for the most merfolk ever gathered together in one place. I’m sorry to miss that one, as after Honduras we’re heading onto Tampa to celebrate Virgin Atlantic’s newest destination and brand new A330neo aircraft. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Richard Branson in Honduras wiht Virgin Voyages
Greg Rose

Virgin Voyages really is a perfect example of what makes us truly Virgin - taking something that is usually quite dull and ordinary, and creating something spectacular for our customers. See you back on board soon.