Strive Challenge 10km run: completed

Richard Branson running a 10km run for the Strive Challenge
Image from Katie Doo
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Published on 23 October 2020
I am pleased to have completed another stage of the Strive Challenge this week: the 10k run.

I set off early in the morning with a headlamp on so that I could avoid the midday heat and complete it in time for breakfast.

Katie Doo
Katie Doo

I also got on my bike to do some training in preparation for the 100k cycle this weekend. I have to admit, I was a little "tyred" after the taking on the hills, but I made sure I only stopped for a little rest and then carried on going.

Image from Katie Doo
Image from Katie Doo

I’m always astounded by how quickly my body adapts when I’m in training and having a goal to complete every year really keeps me on track. I’ve also noticed over the years that when I take time out of my day to exercise it has a really positive effect on my productivity, concentration and motivation. I try to do most of my training in the morning as it sets me up to have a successful day – once I’ve completed a run, a swim or a cycle, everything else feels achievable.

I usually compete in the Strive Challenge each year alongside my family and a core team of Strivers, taking on huge challenges such as climbing mountains, swimming across lakes and cycling huge distances. It’s all in the name of getting out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to our limits – and raising money for the education charity Holly and Sam founded called Big Change.

This year it is a virtual challenge and the best thing about that is absolutely anyone can get involved and take part. While it will never be as fun as Striving alongside a wonderful group of people – I’ve been very heartened to see people taking part and posting their progress on social media from all around the world. Togo Keynes was one of 130 strivers that took part in the 10km run and he shared his progress along the way – it was his first 10km in 15 years after completing the NYC marathon on a fractured ankle. It’s brilliant to every striver pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

If you want to take part – there is still time to sign up for as many stages as you want to take on: the 10 mile hike, 10km run, 100k cycle, a 1km swim and a triathlon (1k swim, 20km bike and 10km run), or all of them!