Shaking it up with Virgin Voyages

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Published on 8 October 2019

It’s always useful to find out what customers really enjoy and involve them in creating and refining our offerings, alongside our team. 

With that in mind, we invited some of our future Sailors to try out our new Virgin Voyages Sailor App. They loved the experience; it was great to hear they liked the sleek design, smooth navigation and user friendly features. 

But we can never resist surprising people - especially our Sailors. So, we left out one important detail of the app. When it is shaken, a secret Virgin Voyages Champagne button is revealed and, with just one press, a bottle of Möet Chandon Impérial will be delivered to the Sailor.

Shake for Champagne phone app
Image from Virgin Voyages

However, Shake For Champagne wasn’t the only surprise for our Sailors. When they tried out the hidden feature, yours truly appeared to hand-deliver the bottle of bubbly and make a toast to celebrate all of life’s special moments.

Video from Virgin Voyages

You can see some of their reactions in the video above – there were plenty of laughs, gasps, smiles (and the odd expletive we’re too polite to share). 

I had a blast giving people a little shock and hearing their thoughts on Virgin Voyages over a delightful drink. We also revealed our luxurious champagne lounge and caviar bar, Sip. You can order anywhere, but why not have a dedicated, fittingly designed space too?

Richard Branson pours champagne for a man sitting on a sofa
Image from Virgin Voyages

Shake your phone. Order a bottle of champagne. Get it delivered to your exact location. It’s innovative, fun and surprisingly simple – all things our customers love from planes to trains to banks to voyages. 

Scarlet Lady will sail from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020 – our launch is getting closer by the day and I can’t wait to see you all on board. Head over to Virgin Voyages to find out more, book your voyage and take a look at our newly-unveiled uniforms too.