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Published on 11 October 2021

Good things come to those who wait… that was certainly the case with enjoying our first cruise with Virgin Voyages.

After 18 months, it was such a treat to finally experience a voyage on board Scarlet Lady with my wife Joan. We had got a taste of everything the ship has to offer with our New York and Miami launch celebrations, but there is nothing like sailing out on the open water.

We got to take our time exploring the ship, from the shops to the restaurants to the clubs, and simply to hang out around many of the endless options to chill on board. We also enjoyed the gorgeous Massive Suite, where this surprise visitor flew in to say hi.

Joan absolutely loved being on board – she didn’t want to leave! Though she was happy to disembark to visit Bimini, our private beach club where every voyage on Scarlet Lady will dock. It’s a stunning location and an absolute blast where everyone can relax and really let their hair down.

One of Joan’s particular favourites was our Korean restaurant, Gunbae, which has amazing design and atmosphere to match the food. I must admit I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so couldn’t resist trying out our ice cream parlour. Before I knew it, I was behind the counter serving up scoops to our sailors too.

I also got to meet the extraordinarily talented teams behind Scarlet Lady’s already renowned shows, including Duel Reality – a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. They were busy preparing, but found the time to give yours truly a role in rehearsals. Suddenly I was at the top of a human pyramid – as you can hear me ask in the video: “Now what do I do?!”

Virgin Voyages began simply as an idea — a belief that we could revolutionise how we explore the seven seas. Over the last decade, we’ve watched our dream turn into reality; one we always knew was possible, but finally seeing it come to life in such a glorious way is unbelievably exciting.

As with every Virgin business, it’s the people that make it really special. We loved spending more time with the team and hearing about their experiences on board so far. It’s an incredibly diverse group with people from all over the world and they really do bring the magic of the ship to life.

We had originally planned to celebrate my 70th birthday on board Scarlet Lady – which we’re still intending to do. So, I guess that means I’m still in my Sixties until then?!