No nickel and diming

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Published on 28 January 2019

I love surprises – but the good kind. One of the worst surprises is finding out that the service you thought you had already paid for actually requires you to cough up again. It’s nickel and diming, and it drives customers up the wall (and out of the door to a competitor). For too long many companies, especially in the travel and leisure sector, have squeezed every penny out of their guests.

When we started Virgin Hotels, one of the first things we did was introduce a no nickel and diming policy. This is still going strong at Virgin Hotels Chicago and will be in place at our upcoming Virgin Hotels San Francisco and all our other properties. It means that the price we advertise is the price you pay – there are no surprise fees and no cancellation costs. You can check in early and check out late without penalties. The minibar is stocked at everyday prices you would pay at the store. 

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Also, things that we simply expect, such as great free Wi-Fi without bandwidth restrictions, come as standard. In fact, when we launched in Chicago we kindly offered free Wi-Fi to customers staying at other hotels too, to highlight how unfair it was that they were being charged. Plus we put on a free daily social hour for our guests, because being able to unwind and get to know people is all part of the fun.

As we build up to the on-sale date for Virgin Voyages (we’re counting down the days to February 14th), we wanted to share how our cruise company is committing to no nickel and diming too. All of our group fitness classes are included. Sailors will have access to complimentary water at all bars and restaurants & Natura filtered water stations too.

What’s more, all restaurant food is included in the ticket price, with no surcharges. There will be no assigned seating in our 20 incredible eateries (that’s right, no buffet – proper, diverse, exciting restaurants) and you will have plenty of choice.

Taken on their own, none of these little touches are extraordinary. But added all together, we believe they help our consumers to relax, reducing their worries about additional costs, annoying surprises and sneaky shocks. No nickel and diming helps our guests do what they want to do – how they want to do it.