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Richard Branson at SiriusXM with Milana Rabkin and John Fugelsang
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Published on 22 October 2018

Well, we’ve been in the entertainment business a long time (and even picked up a Star for it!) We’ve had a record label, megastores, film companies, soundtracks, festivals and of course radio stations. But I’ve never had my own radio show…

I’ve appeared on our Virgin Radio shows on many, many occasions and always look forward to visiting the teams on-air, whether it is in the UK, Lebanon, Dubai or many other locations around the world. I also enjoy guest spots on other people’s shows, from BBC Radio to all sorts of podcasts. One of these shows was Dan Rather’s brilliant Sirius XM show last year.

It was such fun that, when the team asked if I’d want to host my own Sirius XM Insight show, I said: “Screw it, let’s do it!” Fast-forward and it’s time to introduce you to my very own radio show: Learning with Richard Branson.

Richard Branson on his Sirius XM show with  Milana Rabkin  and John Fugelsang in the studio
Image from Sirius XM

We’ve called it Learning with Richard Branson became in each episode I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned around a particular topic, with my co-host, the brilliant John Fugelsang. Thanks for holding my hand, John! Then it will be my turn to learn along with our listeners, as we are joined by another entrepreneur, expert or all-round interesting person.

Richard Branson with Milana Rabkin and John Fugelsang  in studio at SiriusXM
Image from Sirius XM

I love learning and see life as one long university education I never had. This feels like a great way to continue that journey. First up, we take a deep dive into the origins of my entrepreneurship, from the early days of Virgin Records right up to our current plans for Virgin Galactic. Then we’re joined by Milana Rabkin, the founder of Stem, a start-up bringing clear and timely payments to creatives.

Clip from SiriusXM

You can listen to the first episode of Learning with Richard Branson on SiriusXM Insight (Ch. 121) and on demand now. Keep an eye on social for details of the next episode soon, watch some clips over at Sirius XM and let us know what you think of the show - we’re always eager to learn more!