Kids petition to get onboard Virgin Voyages

Richard Branson's grandkids petition to let kids on-board Virgin Voyages
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Published on 20 May 2022

When we launched Virgin Voyages, we made it adults-only. 

I adore my grandchildren and love spending time with them – but we wanted to create a fun, luxury space where all adults, including all mums and dads, can relax and let their hair down, free from the worries of looking after little ones.

Richard branson with DJ decks onboard Virgin Voyages
Virgin Voyages

We’ve had a brilliant time launching our new ships – but recently I was greeted by some little grumpy faces.

“Papa, you keep going on Virgin Voyages. It looks so good. We want to come too,” said Etta, one of Holly’s seven-year-old twins. Artie then thrust a petition into my hands. It had all the names of our grandkids and all their friends and cousins who wanted to get onboard too.

Richard Branson's grandkids petition to allow kids onboard Virgin Voyages
Branson family

They looked at me pleadingly. 

“You can definitely come onboard,” I said, laughing. “When you’re 18.” 

I thought it was so cute and I shared the petition with Nathan, a friend at Virgin Voyages. He and the team surprised me and the grandkids by making this wonderful tongue-in-cheek video, which really made all of us smile.  

Virgin Voyages kids on-board petition

I was recently onboard Virgin Voyages for our second ship Valiant Lady’s MerMaiden sailing from Barcelona around the Mediterranean. I spoke to so many parents who said it was just wonderful to be able to take some time out to recharge and remember what it feels like to be just themselves again. 

One remarked on how lovely it was to rediscover the romance in their relationship – and another said it was nice to be able to have a drink, let your hair down and not worry about looking after the little ones with a hangover. 

Holly Branson smiles while holding a disco ball drink on Virgin Voyages' Summer Soiree sail
Holly Branson

When you see the spaces on the ship, I know we’ve made the right decision. It’s like a floating luxury boutique hotel with all the things adults love and enjoy from fitness spaces, to incredible restaurants, great entertainment and chic bars.

We want everyone to feel welcome – if you are over 18.