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Published on 15 February 2019

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela worsens every day. Three million Venezuelans have already been displaced, and the number grows steadily. Tens of thousands cross the border into neighbouring Colombia every day, and many do not return. Hunger, malnutrition and a complete breakdown of basic services are affecting more than 30 million Venezuelans that remain inside the country. And yet, Nicholas Maduro’s regime still refuses to accept any humanitarian aid destined for the country’s suffering people.

The world can no longer close its eyes to this unacceptable situation. While diplomatic efforts to bring in humanitarian goods must kick into high gear, we all need to mobilise much-needed financial support, and we need to do it quickly.

I know a thing or two about the music business, and I’m old enough to remember how George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh and Bob Geldof's LiveAid moved the world to action. And so I’ve offered to help organise an international benefit concert, Venezuela Aid Live, which myself and Bruno Ocampo are happy to announce will take place on February 22nd in Cucuta, Colombia, right on the Venezuelan border.

Working alongside a passionate coalition of partners, we were able to confirm a fantastic line-up of top Latin American and global artists, who are donating their time and their talent to bring worldwide attention to this crisis and raise funds for essential humanitarian aid.

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The Venezuela Aid Live concert will be live streamed around the world, and I hope millions will tune in and donate. We’ll be releasing more information in the days to come, so please head over to to learn more and to donate. Funds raised will be held in a secure trust and distributed in coordination with national and international humanitarian aid organisations.

So, wherever you are next Friday, please tune into our Concert for Venezuela, let the music inspire and mobilise you, and don’t forget to donate. United through music, we can make a huge difference and help bring an end to the needless suffering of millions.