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Published on 6 May 2016

As part of my #ChallengeRichard quest, I answered the question: “If you only had 65 minutes to live - what would you do in that time?”, saying that I would invite all my family and friends, including all the members of the Virgin family, and have a huge party wherever I was. Upon completing the difficult challenge, I turned to our Virgin Red app and my social media channels to ask our followers the same question. Here are some of my favourite responses…

Virgin Red:

I would write letters to everyone who has contributed to my life to say thank you. I would then sow some seeds in my garden as my contribution to the summer. Then I'd open a bottle of champagne and sit with my husband to toast the great times we have had, say 'I love you' and wish everyone the best for the future. Tears? Maybe - but no self pity. – Nancy

I'd record a 65 minute mix of housey tunes, an uplifting way to end my days and I’d leave something behind for others to enjoy. – Chris

Ride roller coasters with my son. Go out on a high and a low, then a high. – John

I would have a party in a field somewhere with as many of my friends and family as possible. We would drink, eat and dance far too much and finish off with fireworks. Going out with a bang. – Abbie

Write to all significant world leaders explaining that war is bad! Love must prevail. – Simon

It strikes me it would be a good opportunity to embrace nudism. I'd probably head down my local and have a drink or two with my mates, and encourage them to get skinny-drinking! – Douglas

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I'd order 100s of different cuisines, a macaroon cake and lots of San Pellegrino lemon and champagne. Stuff myself silly whilst being surrounded my loved ones and great music. – Cristina

There's a girl I really like, so I'd ask her out for dinner. Hopefully she would say yes. And we would skip straight to the pudding and I'd ask for a kiss goodnight. – Audrey

I consider my life well lived already so would hug my wife and kids for 65 minutes and drink in every tiny detail of their faces in the hope the image will be imprinted on my memory for eternity. It's a morbid question that makes you ponder your final moments! – Richard

Board a Virgin train, first class of course, relax in the slightly larger but more comfortable seat and eat Hagen Daaz ice cream while enjoying the passing view. – Lesley

Go to hospital... And donate my organs to people that need a transplant. – Amar

I would want to be dropped on the remotest mountain and just ski in peace and quiet with all the beauty of nature around me and just take in the world. – Edward

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@richardbranson Dance

@richardbranson spend every second with my children, telling jokes and #lovingLikeCrazy !!!

@richardbranson I would choose a good spot at a calm beach and enjoy the sunset and silence. Would enjoy the moments in peace

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I would hug my son, husband and dogs. Then tell all my family and friends how much I love them. Be kind to yourself and our planet. Look after our animals. – Karel Helliwell

I would give all my money and belongings and valuable material goods to the poor - it increases in value. I would hang out with my best friends and family and then meditate on the beach and watch the last sunset/sunrise/rain/storm with who ever wants to join me - so they too can appreciate the beauty of nature as though it was their last time. #gratitude – Yo Chan

If I have 65 minutes to live I would spent it with my partner. Making sure every seconds count. Life is precious that people must embrace! – Ashley Maddison

I would cook the most amazing Sunday roast for my family and friends, have lots of laughter and good conversation and drink very nice red wine smile emoticon I know I could get someone else to cook, but part of the fun would be cooking my last meal for those that I love and cherish. – Karen Harvey

I'd sing all my fav songs at the top of my voice whilst cooking my family's favourite meal and enjoying a cool glass of Chardonnay! – Lynn Haughey

I would skinny dip again then lie down and enjoy the night sky above, hopefully with someone I loved. – Patricia Okeefe

Make peace with those l have offended or have offended me. – Hrh B Favour

Hop in my time machine and go back in time and do it all again! – Kylee Sean Jayden Carmody

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I really enjoyed scanning through your responses. It’s so heartening to read about how so many of you deeply love and appreciate your family and friends, and are striving to leave a positive and impactful legacy. Thank you for taking the time to answer. And if you haven’t already, let me know: If you only had 65 minutes to live, what would you do in that time?