Dreaming of a day on Virgin Voyages

Onboard Virgin Voyages' ship, Scarlet Lady
Image from Tom Wren
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Published on 3 July 2019

I get so excited by ideas, but seeing them transformed into reality is what makes being an entrepreneur really special. One business I have always wanted to go into is cruising, and we’ve certainly been making a splash since we founded Virgin Voyages

I’ve been catching up with the team who are building the new cruise line that will change how you think about sea travel. From Scarlet Night in London to our entertainment and restaurant offerings, it’s been fun Ship-teasing our first ship Scarlet Lady, which is due to set sail next year. I’ve been daydreaming about all the things I’m really excited to do on-board.

Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady cruise ship
Fiippo Vinardi

I can’t wait to wake up in one of the RockStar Suites and have my first cup of tea of the day on the terrace with wonderful views of the ocean. These suites are designed to make the most of the view – you can even gaze at the ocean while rinsing off in the open-air shower. They also make great social spaces as the music room, which seconds as an extra bedroom, is stocked with guitars, an amp and a special private lookout point at the front of the ship. The terrace also has a hot tub and a huge table, perfect for entertaining (and dancing on!)

Geri Halliwell plays a guitar on a bed in the Rockstar Suite on board Virgin Voyages
Image from Virgin Voyages

I like to start my day exercising so I would probably then head over to the Athletic Club or the B-Complex Gym for some weights or a cycle. We want all our sailors to be happy and healthy and there are so many options to try out from innovative fitness classes, an outdoor yoga studio, to a running track. After working up a sweat, I’d head to breakfast. There are more than 20 great eateries on board so I can try something different for every meal, every day. I like to have a healthy start, so I’m looking forward to trying the juice bar.

Richard Branson having a cup of tea with the Virgin Voyages crew
Image from Virgin Voyages

I’m sure there’s going to be a fascinating mix of people on-board, so next I’ll have a wander around deck and see what adventures I can find. If we’re stopping off somewhere for the day, I love exploring and would definitely head off to see what the destination has in store. If we’re on the water I’d head over to the Aquatic Club and hang out with Holly and Sam and grab some lunch together. These ships are adult-only so I’m glad my kids are old enough to come onboard – and I’m sure they could both do with some rest and relaxation away from the little ones at home. 

I’d also try and find some time to stop by and listen to some upcoming artists at Virgin Vinyl – our onboard record store. The Virgin story began with music and it’s so wonderful seeing this legacy live on.

Shop front of Virgin Records years ago in black and white
Image from Barry Plumber

All of that socialising will get me ready for dinner, so I’d try out another restaurant next. I’m trying to eat less meat these days, especially red meat, so I’m looking forward to tasting our vegetarian restaurant Razzle Dazzle, which promises to reinvent some of our favourite classic dishes. I love sharing a meal with family and friends and usually use this time to bounce ideas around and catch up on everyone’s news. 

The Razzle Dazzle restaurant on-board Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady ship
Image from Virgin Voyages

Now time for some nightlife. I might be 68-years-young but I still enjoy a night out. I can’t wait to watch some live performances in the Red Room, or head over to The Manor (named after our first recording studio) for a lively drink and a show. I’d probably sneak off back to my suite before it transitions to a nightclub, for a nightcap on the terrace and maybe a dip in the hot tub to relax before bed.

Dining Hall in the Scarlet Lady
Image from Tom Wren

I have been dreaming of starting a cruise line since my 20s and how I wanted to do things differently. Every single element of every day has been rethought and redesigned and I can’t wait to experience it all for real.