The best position I’ve ever had

Holly Branson and Freddie Andrewes with baby Lola
Image from Adam Slama
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Published on 23 January 2019

It has been a very happy time in our family as we welcome our newest member, Lola Snow, to the world. It is so wonderful to see Holly and Freddie and their other two children Etta and Artie getting to know and love baby Lola.

Becoming a grand-dude is absolutely unique and an utter joy. But there really is nothing like becoming a parent. Raising a child is one of the most profound and important roles any of us can play. I loved these words AKQA founder Ajaz Ahmed shared on the subject while receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath.

Holly Branson with husband Freddie Andrewes and children Etta, Artie and baby Lola
Image from Adam Slama

“Over the course of my career, I’ve been fortunate to have had many job titles, but the best position I’ve ever been granted is dad. It’s a lifelong dedication to love, respect, duty and service.

“Being a parent is the biggest honour and most positively transformative aspect of my life. We think we look after our kids, but in reality, they look after us.

“It reminds me of the ancient proverb: ‘We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors - we borrow it from our children.’ Like anything we borrow, it’s our responsibility to hand it back better than we found it.”

Black and white photo of Holly Branson holding baby Lola
Image from Adam Slama
Baby Lola Andrewes dressed in white, sleeping
Image from Adam Slama

What beautiful words, and I wholeheartedly agree. Watching Holly and Sam grow up into amazing adults and incredible parents with wonderful partners is such a tremendous source of pride. I’ve been very fortunate enough to do and experience some incredible things in my life, but the best position I’ve ever had and will ever have is dad (with grand-dude in a close second!)