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Published on 12 June 2018

Lovely to spend some time with Holly chatting about my updated autobiography Finding My Virginity. She is doing a series called Meet the Author where she interviews the writers behind the books. She should really be interviewing herself as she’s just written her own book called WEconomy, which is all about how you can bring purpose and passion to all that you do. 

Richard Branson and Holly Branson holding up each other's books during an author interview in 2018
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But this time she was focusing on my new updated autobiography, Finding My Virginity. We spoke about all the interesting things that have happened this year, from Virgin Hyperloop to Virgin Galactic, and my motivations for writing a book.

You can watch the interview here.

I’m always carrying a notebook around and it’s nice to get all of your memories onto paper and in a form that will last forever. I really believe everyone has a book in them – we all lead such different, fascinating lives and everyone has their own unique viewpoint. You also learn so much about yourself along the way and unearth many memories that would be easy to forget.

Holly also said how she loved listening to the audiobook version of Finding My Virginity as it felt like I was reading her a bedtime story (your kids never stop being your kids no matter how old they get!)

It was quite surreal being interviewed by my own daughter – but she definitely has a knack for it (she manages to stick to the script much better than I do!)

Holly has been joining me on many panels recently, including for the Fast Track 100 event, and I couldn’t be prouder.

You can order the updated Finding My Virginity paperback now and of course, pick up a copy of WEconomy too.