Baby kangaroos on Necker Island

Richard Branson on Necker Island with a baby kangaroo
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Published on 18 June 2024

Delighted to share we have welcomed two kangaroos to the thriving animal community on Necker Island.

The female joeys were born in Texas, USA and their owners were looking for a home for them. The environment on Necker Island is perfect for them and we got all the necessary permits and medical checks carried out. The kangaroos are quickly settling in to island life.

There is no zoo in the British Virgin Islands so most people may never have seen a kangaroo before. Along with Virgin Limited Edition’s guests, we welcome lots of local people to the island and they will be able to see our new joeys.

We’ve got plenty of space for them and they are well looked after by our expert conservation team. I’m confident they will adapt really well, just as the wonderful lemur population on Necker have, alongside the flamingos, giant tortoises and many other species.

There have been an incredible 70 flamingo babies this season so far. Meanwhile, the giant tortoises have laid another set of eggs, and the very rare red-ruffed lemurs have bred successfully this year.

Kami White
Kami White

Having spent lots of time in Australia, including on Makepeace Island where we’re lucky to spot many kangaroos, I love the species.

I’m very excited for our grandchildren to see the kangaroos on Necker too – I’m sure they’ll be jumping for joy.