Astronauts and activeness with Kevin Plank on Sirius XM

Richard Branson, Kevin Plank and John Fugelsang sitting and talking on SiriusXM radio show Learning with Richard Branson
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Published on 29 January 2019

In order to get the most out of my trip to space, I need to be in the best possible condition – from my physical shape to my mental wellbeing to my clothing. I discussed how we’re working towards this on the latest episode of my Sirius XM radio show: Learning With Richard Branson.

The show is called Learning with Richard Branson because, well, I love learning! In each episode my co-host John Fugelsang and I discuss what I’ve learned around a particular topic. This time around it was all about health and wellness, from my personal fitness regime to how the sector has played such a pivotal role in the Virgin brand, from Virgin Active to Virgin Pulse, Virgin Sport to the Virgin Strive Challenge.

Then we are joined by a fascinating guest for me to learn from and debate with. It was a great pleasure to welcome Under Armour founder Kevin Plank to the show, just as we launched Virgin Galactic’s partnership with Under Armour to create a new generation of performance-driven space suits, space apparel and astronaut programmes.

We talked about why we’re working together, and what it will mean for the first generation of commercial astronauts. It’s so exciting to see the designs coming to life while we continue our test program after our first successful space flight. I can’t wait to put on my astronaut flight suit on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial space flight.

Richard Branson laughing with Kevin Plank and another man
Image from Sirius XM

Kevin has a fascinating start-up story and we swapped tales on how to find the right branding, how to take on bigger rivals, and why it is essential to look after the wellness of your employees as well as your customers. Plus, I promised not to steal his shoes again – and thanked him for creating clothing to show off my 68-year-old six pack!

I hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed making it. Do let us know your views on social and I’ll do my best to reply to any questions that John and I missed.