Why doing business better is better for business

Holly Branson in conversation with Chris Turner as Campaign Director of the Better Business Act
Holly Branson
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Published on 19 November 2021

A few weeks ago, I shared the exciting news that Virgin Management has signed up to support the Better Business Act. In case you missed it, the Better Business Act (BBA) is a campaign led by B Lab UK with a simple legislative solution to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act and ensure every business in the UK aligns the interest of its shareholders with those of wider society and the environment.

The campaign provides a platform for businesses to come together and use their collective influence to drive meaningful change in the law. It’s a brilliant way to build momentum for purpose-driven business (something I’ve been pushing for well over a decade now), and remind the world that solving problems is what business does best. To spread this message further, I sat down with Chris Turner as the BBA’s Campaign Director to talk about how businesses can join the coalition, what it will involve, and why it’s a win-win situation.

In this second part of our interview, Chris explains what the most powerful things that all businesses can do to bring about this crucial change in the law. He’s also extremely positive that most businesses won’t have to change the way its day-to-day operations. The majority of businesses will benefit from the change in the law as purposeful business practises become the new level playfield. Here’s more from Chris…

Why doing business better is better for business: Holly Branson in conversation with ChiTurner from the Better Business Act