WEconomy makes International Bestseller: thank you!

Holly Branson next to two men with the book Weconomy in front of them
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Holly Branson
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Published on 23 April 2018

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to announce that my first book, ‘

Each week we’ve been featuring short extracts from the book focusing on embedding purpose in your business (big and small), how to value your greatest asset – your people – and the growth of sectors such as impact investment. Today I want to shout about and celebrate all of the amazing people who have supported me along the way, and who without, I would never have been able to write WEconomy.

So turning the normal style of book extracts on its head slightly, I’m highlighting a section often left unread; the acknowledgements page, for my chapters of WEconomy. Thank you all, and congratulations on WEconomy becoming an international bestseller – we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Holly Branson, Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger hold copies of their book WEconomy
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"We could not have completed this book without the help, guidance, and generous sharing of knowledge by so many inspiring individuals. Marc and Craig, thank you for being my “WE” on the incredible road to discovery we’ve taken – together – in writing this book. Your energy, passion, and absolute belief in the power of young people to bring about the change we need in this world are a constant inspiration. For that, and your unwavering friendship, I thank you both.

To my “WEconomy” partner in crime, Jackie McQuillan, a 25-year veteran with the Virgin brand and someone who has watched my personal story unfold in real time, thank you for being by my side throughout and helping me pull this all together. I could not have done it without you.

Thank you to Katie Hewitt, for being our WE Charity/Canadian voice of reason, our Brit-to-US translator during edits, and for making so many trips across the Pond. We know it wasn’t just for the free lunches and snacks! And thanks go out to all at WE Charity, ME to WE, and Team Tether for your invaluable insights and design work.

A collage of images of Holly Branson to celebrate her book WEconomy
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As for my Virgin family, I have been blown away yet again by the power of all these incredible individuals.

Charlotte Goodman, you are our North Star of Purpose. Thank you for not only helping all the Virgin companies stay true to their values but also for your time and effort in bringing this book to fruition. To Josh Bayliss and Peter Norris, thank you for all you do for Virgin. You are invaluable to the company and you are both amazing mentors to me. I’m so impressed, given your hectic schedules, that you found time to read this book!

Jean Oelwang and all of the team at Virgin Unite – I am so proud of all you have achieved at our foundation. You are always one step ahead of the curve and are changing the world for good. Thanks also to our 100% Human at Work lead the wonderful Anna Gowdridge, for basically being 100% Human! Essie North and the team at Big Change, thank you for an amazing journey and your stewardship in building Big Change into what it is today. I feel so excited about what the future holds.

Our Impact Investment team, Dr. Emma Harvey at Virgin Atlantic, Jo Barnett at Virgin Money Giving, and Nicola Griffiths at Virgin Trains – thank you for letting me share your stories. Esther Marshall, you are an inspiration. And to all of the incredible people at our Virgin companies; thank you for driving your purpose every day.

Holly Branson hugging her children Etta and Artie
Image from the Branson Family

Mum, Dad, Sam, and Bellie: Thank you for your unending support, loyalty, and unconditional love. Freddie, for everything, I love you.

It’s incredible to think that four new additions to our family clan have taken up residence on this beautiful planet in the course of writing WEconomy. I dedicate this book to my children Etta and Artie, my niece Eva-Deia, and my nephew Bluey. I truly believe your generation will continue to drive the positive change we need to protect and sustain our wonderful world and all its people

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