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Published on 24 October 2019

I’m always so grateful when people reach out to me and share their thoughts on important issues like purpose, finding meaning and living more sustainability. Over the last few months, I’ve been reading so many insightful comments on my on social media posts that cover a whole range of topics – please keep them coming!

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Life is more fulfilling when you surround yourself with people who bring different ideas to the table and I always try to take their wisdom on-board. I love learning from other people’s experiences and passing on those learnings is what this blog is all about.

After sharing tips from a panel of responsible business leaders and re-visiting the purpose pointers we wrote about in WEconomy, I received some great feedback from you all on social media.

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I was so inspired after reading the comment sections of my posts and I wanted to use this platform to share some of my favourite quotes and insights! Read on for some great 'purpose pointers' from my social media followers. 

  • “I believe that the purpose of life is a life of purpose and, similarly, the purpose of business is a business of purpose. Money for a business is what fuel is to a car. It helps us to get from A to B but we don't buy a car to make fuel. We must understand the destination, cause or vision we are working towards. Our value is judged by how much we have given to the world, rather than how much we have taken from it.”

  • “Keep learning – never get lost in one view.”

  • “Consult with each and every team member when it comes to decision-making. This will help create an authentic dialogue about who you are as a business and your purpose.”

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David Watts
  • “Don’t short-change your mission for profits.”

  • “Your supply chain is hugely important. Big businesses are often so focused on profit that they compromise worker safety, environmental issues and use substandard materials. If possible, choose smaller, family-run production facilities and eco-certified components. You may take a small hit on costs, but it doesn’t cost the Earth.

  • “Focus outward and use compassion as your standpoint.”

Holly Branson speaking on a panel with purpose-driven female business founders in 2019
David Watts
  • “Surround yourself with like-minded people who share your vision.”

  • “When the purpose of business is aligned with the personal goals of employees, that’s when the magic happens.”

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As the connection between people, profit and planet becomes increasingly impactful – the need for businesses to find meaning and act responsibly is more important than ever. With this in mind, it’s great to see the discussion evolving about how we can use business as a force for good and use it to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Thanks to all of you for sharing your insight and keeping this important conversation growing.