My wellbeing predictions for 2023

Holly Branson sitting in a gaint seasehll at the Virgin Management office in London
Holly Branson
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Published on 28 December 2022

What wellbeing trends do you predict for 2023, and beyond? Virgin Pulse has written an insightful e-book on the topic, and I was thrilled to contribute my personal predictions to it.

As Chief Purpose and Vision Officer at Virgin, my prediction for 2023 is focusing on purpose, and I hope this will continue for many years to come. Helping people find their personal purpose (at work and outside of it) is vital to keeping people happy, motivated, fulfilled, proud and inspired. Without this, wellbeing becomes too easily comprised. It’s also vital to help people feel connected to the company’s overarching purpose (i.e. why does the business exist? What problems is it solving the world? What lives is it improving?). If employees don’t understand or agree with the company’s purpose, and if they can’t see how they are contributing to something bigger than themselves, they become lost and disengaged. Companies have a responsibility to look after their people, so it’s vital to address this. It’s also difficult for a company to live up to its purpose if their people aren’t invested in the bigger picture.

Holly Branson smiling at the Virgin Office in London and holding a coffee mug that says 'Holly is changing business for good'

Leaders and businesses are realising this, and trends such as The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting show why it’s so important to help people feel connected and inspired at work. It’s not difficult to spot the correlation this has to a person’s wellbeing and a company’s culture too. At the end of the day, businesses succeed when the people within them thrive, and people can’t flourish if they don’t have a sense of purpose. More importantly though, it is simply the right thing to do.

I also predict (or at least hope) that leaders and managers recognise the power of humour and building a fun working environment. It’s crucial for building trust, avoiding burnout, and feeling connected with one another. It’s something Dad has prioritised since the very beginning at Virgin, so a focus on fun has really shaped our culture. As a challenger brand, it’s helped us to drive smart disruption, spark innovation, bring out the best in people, and remain relatable. It’s time to take fun seriously!

Richard and Holly Branson greet each other on the Strive challenge
Image from Adam Slama

As I look back on 2022, it’s so encouraging to realise how much progress we’ve made when it comes to wellbeing. With 2023 just around the corner, I really hope (and anticipate!) this will continue.

Find Virgin Pulse's e-book here.