Meet the Author: Richard Branson part 2

Holly Branson and Richard Branson smiling into the camera holding a movie clipboard
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Holly Branson
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Published on 17 June 2018

A close, loving family is the most precious gift a person can have. To know that you are supported, encouraged in everything you do and cherished fosters an insatiable curiosity and joy for life.

You have the courage, to not only dream big, but to then share those dreams. And the emotional depth to cherish others – as you have cherished. My dad has all of those qualities and so, so much more. My grandparents Ted and Eve did a great job! 

Dad's love for humanity and, his thirst for living life to the full, can be seen in every interaction he has. Throughout our Meet The Author interviews – it shines through.

In Act 2 of my Meet the Author interview with Dad, we cover topics as diverse as spaceships and Hyperloops; drugs; death; and adventure. Oh and yes his wonderful new autobiography Finding My Virginity – sort of the point of my Meet The Author series!

I hope you enjoy Act 2.  Dad, you are truly an inspiration.