10 big hopes for change in education

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Holly Branson
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Published on 10 December 2019
It can be really easy to get comfortable in life and to only do things inside your comfort zone. You’re unlikely to get hurt here, you might get really good at doing the one thing you know you can do...

Following the 2019 Forum For World Education that some of the Big Change team attended in Paris and in the run up to the general election in the UK, it seemed like a good time for us to share our 10 big hopes for change in education. Never has it been more important to remember that education is everyone’s business. Use your vote this week to show support for those candidates who believe that our young people deserve more from our education system in the future. invite your local school governors and local businesses to become more actively involved in changing education - so our kids can thrive in life and feel empowered to make a positive impact. Now is the time to use your voice.

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Last week also saw the release of the 2018 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) results, which you can read all about here. The results from the UK were disheartening – with British students at the very bottom of the table when measuring "the feeling that my life has a clear meaning and purpose". At this time of the year when we are surrounded by jingle bells, tinsel and sparkling lights – it is a stark reminder that our young people are struggling. Furthermore, 66 per cent of British students who took the test said they were "sometimes or always worried" – which was well above the 50 per cent OECD average. It's up to all of us to change this and look after the wellbeing of our young people – their happiness and success impacts all of us after all.

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Times like this really remind me why the work we do at Big Change to reimagine education is so important. It’s also encouraging to know our work is on the right track - as both the 2018 PISA findings and the collective agreement from the Paris discussions directly align with our mission at Big Change. The need to adopt a more meaningful and human approach to education is more evident than ever before. Without further ado, here’s 10 ways we hope that education systems around the world can change to make this possible.

10 big hopes for change in education
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If we really want to implement these changes, we’ll all need to work together. From teachers, business leaders, parents, politicians, students and communities – holistic change needs inclusive involvement. Are you with us?