Arctic Diary

By Sam and Richard Branson, October 2007

Front cover of the book Arctic Diary, with Sam and Richard Branson in the snow with a pack of husky dogs in front of them
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Journeying into the heart of the arctic wilderness with his father and a film crew, Sam explored the changing landscape and lives of the native Inuit people who have survived in a relentlessly inhospitable environment for 5,000 years.

Close up of Sam Branson in Arctic gear.
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Sleeping on frozen seas and encountering majestic polar bears, Sam and Richard Branson embark together on a winter expedition, finding new depths of resilience and courage in a formidable and breath-taking landscape.

Sam Branson, smiling,
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Sam is Richard and Joan's son, founder of Sundog Productions, co-founder of Big Change, a passionate philanthropist and father of two. His passion for adventure and the environment has seen him take on many challenges...