Finding My Virginity

By Richard Branson, November 2022

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Richard's latest autobiography reveals the highs and lows behind Virgin’s unprecedented rise from family business to global brand in the past two decades.

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In this updated version of Finding My Virginity, Richard Branson reflects on his latest learnings, challenges, adventures and new ambitions.

“I know more now. I am less innocent. But it is important to realise I still have a hell of a lot to learn.”

Through four new chapters, the global entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group shares unrevealed stories and never-before-known details about his life from the past few years. From his spaceflight with Virgin Galactic, to navigating the pandemic, and tackling the world’s most pressing challenges – Richard’s updated autobiography covers it all.

Beyond the new chapters, Finding My Virginity begins on New Year’s Eve 1999, as Richard reflects on the 20th century before shifting his focus towards what’s next for the entrepreneur.

The new chapters make the updated version of the paperback an intimate account of the past 25 years of Virgin’s almost 55-year history, the challenges, difficult decisions, and extraordinary ambitions behind Virgin’s unprecedented rise from family business to a global brand. It also reflects on the founder’s personal pursuits, including his attempts to stop the Iraq War, his co-creation of The Elders with Nelson Mandela, his role as a Global Drug Commissioner, and as a husband, father and grand-dude. 

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