How you can be a hero with Virgin Megastore

Red carrier bags on a conveyor belt for Virgin Megastore
Image from Virgin Megastore
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
1 January 2020

Virgin Megastore has made a whirlwind of an impression by replacing all its plastic shopping bags to bio-cassava bags in its United Arab Emirates (UAE) stores. Creative director, Martin Galabov, explains why…

Trying to always implement initiatives to help save the planet, alongside changing business for good – this is just the beginning for the Virgin Megastore brand. Plans are already underway to implement our biocassava bags initiative across all our MEA-based stores.

We wanted to increase awareness about environmental responsibility in general, and about the power that each of us has to help reduce plastic waste. Seemingly small lifestyle changes can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Virgin Megastore has made a whirlwind of an impression by replacing all its plastic shopping bags to bio-cassava bags in its United Arab Emirates (UAE) stores.

We’ve added our own twist to the bags by including strap-lines like ‘It’s Only Natural’ and ‘This Bag Is a Hero’  –  aiming to encourage all our customers to take a stand and give up single-use plastic. The ‘hero’ aspect is designed to resonate with Virgin Megastore customers as so many of our products are superhero themed  –  and while our strapline is young-at-heart, we are addressing a global duty for action.

What’s in the bag?

The new bags are 100 per cent natural, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and certified non-toxic to humans and animals. The bags were developed as the result of extensive research and are made from the Cassava plant – a woody shrub native to South America.

Virgin Megastores bio bags
Image from Virgin Megastore

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