Celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day

Children's Ground
Children's Ground
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
3 August 2021
Children’s Ground is a not-for-profit organisation transforming the future for First Nations children in Australia.

Virgin Unite is proud to support Children’s Ground and the incredible work they do to help children living with injustice and disadvantage.

Every child born today should experience a lifetime of opportunity, entering adulthood strong in their identity and culture, connected to their local and global world, and economically independent. Children’s Ground believe that if all children can experience this basic right, then whole communities will enjoy wellbeing.

This National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, Children’s Ground are celebrating some of the brilliant children from the communities they work with. Learn about their incredible stories below and be sure to follow and support the important work of Children’s Ground.


Felicity Hayes is a senior Arrernte educator who works closely with Karen. Arrernte people are a group of First Nations people in Australia from the Central desert region – in and around Alice Springs. Below, Felicity shares how Children’s Ground has seen Karen flourish.

Children's Ground
Children's Ground

“Karen has grown to be a confident, energetic learner over the two years she has been attending Children's Ground - a place where her identity and spirit as a First Nations child is recognised and celebrated. At only five years old she already speaks four languages: Luritja, Pitjantjatjara, Western Arrernte and English and is getting stronger in her cultural knowledge from learning trips out on her Country. Before Children's Ground, Karen went to another Early Years centre, but she had to stay in the classroom all day and they only taught in English. Children's Ground supports Karen to develop her skills across all her languages by being surrounded by educators who are teaching with a multilingual approach. We are so proud of Karen growing into a healthy, confident child, strong in her language and culture."


Emma Fulgenzi is an early years educator who has seen first-hand how Children’s Ground’s support has helped Gertrude develop her skills in literacy, numeracy and writing.

Children's Ground
Children's Ground

“Coming to Children's Ground has helped Gertrude become the curious and confident learner she is today. She is brave with her learning and always trying new things. She loves coming to learning sessions and going on Country with her family. She is always excited when she sees the bus arrive! She is steadily developing her skills in literacy and numeracy and writing. Gertrude can now write her letters, her full name and numbers up to 30, displaying great pride when she shows her family what she has written!"


Azeriah has been supported by Children’s Ground educators to deepen his connection to his land, ancestors and family.

"Azeriah loves being on with his family. Recently, the Djandjomerr family led a Learning on Country trip to Barnalorr: a special healing place they have not visited for many years. Azeriah listened attentively to his father (the Traditional Owner for that place) tell stories and teach the children about the ancient bim (rock art). Azeriah pointed out all of the animals and symbols they recognised.”

Children's Ground
Children's Ground

This National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day join us in celebrating all First Nations children: their talent, strength, culture, identity, and aspirations.

Virgin Unite are proud to support Children's Ground as they offer the very best opportunities that nurture brilliance and celebrate culture and spirit. Learn more about Children's Ground and their incredible work here.