We can all do #onething for nature

Squashed plastic bottle on beach
Image from Ocean Elders
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
7 June 2020

The dramatic degradation of nature over the last hundred years has weakened its ability to protect us. 

According to the Ocean Elders, COVID-19  is humankind’s wake-up call to how crucial it is to protect the environment, not least to protect ourselves.

The pandemic has shown us that we can change our behaviour, even when it comes to the things we thought were indispensable in our daily lives. 

So what could we do differently going forward with this new realisation that change is not only possible, but can happen quickly? How can we build back better? If we would all do just one thing differently, could we change the world? That's the idea behind the #onething challenge, supported by Ocean Elders.

This World Oceans Day the Ocean Elders are asking you to commit to taking one small step towards the same goal – helping to rebuild nature. Virgin Unite are joining the Ocean Elders in asking you to help spread the message of hope and empowerment and share your positive sentiments and positive actions. 

Use your social media channels to commit to the #onething you will change in your life. It can be a big change or a small change – it just needs to be #onething. Then, to help this movement grow, publicly challenge your friends and followers to do the same.

Need inspiration for your #onething?

  1. Stop purchasing items in single-use or disposable plastic packaging

  2. Bring your own bags to shop, or ask for paper bags at checkout

  3. Bring your own bag and containers when getting take out

  4. Walk and or bike instead of using your car, when possible

  5. Use a reusable water bottle

  6. Pick up litter

  7. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

  8. Avoid buying plastic toys

  9. Avoid synthetic clothing, or use washing bags to catch microfibers

  10. Use a bamboo toothbrush 

We can ALL do #onething for nature. The biggest changes can happen if everyone takes one small step to the same goal. Let’s all help rebuild nature.

Ocean Elders was created to be a locus of collaboration in the field of ocean conservation. By working with and leveraging the work of other ocean organizations, Ocean Elders influences governments and business decision-making to stimulate the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems