Together we must champion development and confront global challenges

Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
27 January 2020

Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico, has led profound democratic and social reforms. He is an economist and advocate of multilateralism, inclusive globalisation, and drug policy reform – he is also a close friend of Virgin Unite and part of our incredible community celebrating ‘15 Years of Wonder’.

President Zedillo joined The Elders in 2013 and since then has worked with them on issues ranging from human rights, to universal health care, to the elimination of nuclear threats. He was part of The Elders delegation who launched the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 and serves on the Global Commission on Drug Policy

Former President of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo, has led profound democratic and social reforms, he is an economist and advocate of multilateralism, inclusive globalisation, and drug policy reform.

President Zedillo has expressed both his recognition and gratitude for all that Virgin Unite has accomplished over the last 15 years – giving testament to the vision, dedication and enthusiasm of the organisation's founders and team.

It is only by understanding and respecting each other’s positions that we can hope to reach common ground and work towards a more peaceful world 

At a time when the world faces enormous challenges – from climate change, to the erosion of rights and freedoms, to poverty and inequality – Virgin Unite are fortunate to work with such a bold reformer – committed to championing development and confronting global challenges. 

“I am deeply satisfied to be part, along with Richard [Branson], of The Global Commission on Drug Policy. Painfully, slowly, but consistently the Global Commission has been crucial in changing many people’s thinking on how to deal with the consumption and provision of psychotropic drugs.”

Image from The Elders
Image from The Elders

Virgin Unite is committed to bringing together people and entrepreneurial ideas to create positive change for a better world  – and in 2020 we are celebrating the incredible people who've been part of our journey so far. Join us as we continue to focus on systems change, not just symptoms, and lead through collaboration to help ignite a better future for humanity and the planet.