The importance of collective business action on LGBT+ inclusion

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
2 February 2020

Around the world, millions of people face discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Open For Business – a coalition of global companies – exists to promote LGBT+ inclusion. Launched in 2015 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Summit, Open for Business focuses on taking collective business action for LGBT+ rights in a truly global manner. 

The coalition recently recognised eight Equality Champions for going above and beyond in their efforts to champion LGBT+ rights. Virgin has been recognised, along with Accenture, BCG, Brunswick, Deutsche Bank, GSK, IBM and Microsoft.

Open For Business is a coalition of leading global companies making the business and economic case for LGB&T inclusion.

While several companies and  countries have taken positive steps to improve the rights of LGBT+ communities, antagonism persists in many parts of the world. LGBT+ people continue to suffer discrimination at the hands of politicians and lawmakers and many are at risk of harassment and even violence. 

Read Open for Business’ 2019-2020 Impact Report: Business Action for LGBT+ Inclusive Societies

This year, the coalition is working to accelerate local influencer programmes in East Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. they will also provide research and platforms for all coalition partners to take action for LGBT+ rights.

" Buisness action for LGBT + inclusive societies"
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To learn more about how the coalition’s work has been advancing LGBT+ rights around the world, take a look at the 2019-2020 impact report.