The future of trucking is cleaner and greener

Run on Less
Run on Less
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
25 September 2021
Run on Less Electric – the real-world trucking roadshow, studying electric trucks as they deliver freight across North America – has concluded after three weeks on the road.

Results from the roadshow, run by RMI and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), show that electric trucks are ready to drive and are leading the way toward a greener future.

Richard Branson kicked off the very first Run on Less roadshow back in 2017 and has again congratulated everyone involved in this year’s successful roadshow.

“By coupling innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, you have shown that battery-powered trucks can operate economically and sustainably in the real world and have demonstrated how the whole industry can embrace greener freight transport,” said Richard Branson.

Run on Less
Run on Less

The 13 trucking teams that took part in roadshow followed their regular routes as they delivered beer, wine, packages, electrical equipment, and more. Analysis of the results show that tremendous CO2 savings can be made by the US and Canada transitioning their medium-and heavy-duty trucks to these tried-and-tested electric vehicles.

“It’s clear from the data collected during the Run that it is time for fleets to go electric in certain market segments, including the van/step van, medium-duty box truck, terminal tractor and short heavy tractor regional delivery segments,” Mike Roeth, NACFE’s executive director.

During the next six to 12 months, NACFE, RMI and various other partners will further analyse the data and produce reports and tools to help lead the industry forward - reminding the entire trucking industry that it has a responsibility to act now and begin the transition to electric trucks.

“Taking action now to decarbonize trucking is critical because although medium- and heavy-duty trucks make up 4% of all North American vehicles, they account for 25% of carbon emissions. The move to zero-emission vehicles will create clear health benefits for all of us,” Jason Mathers, director, Vehicle & Freight Strategy for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Virgin Unite congratulate the fleets and drivers who participated in the Run, as well as the manufacturers and other businesses, utilities and agencies that supported this year’s Run on Less.

NACFE has collaborated with Virgin Unite’s Carbon War Room (now merged with RMI) since 2013. In 2017 and again in 2019, Virgin Unite partnered with NACFE on its Run on Less trucking efficiency demonstration events.