Our Frontline: support for healthcare workers

Police Force on duty
Image from Our Frontline
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
26 April 2020

Shout has come together with MindSamaritansHospice UK and The Royal Foundation to launch Our Frontline – a partnership providing round the clock mental health support to those working on the frontline against the Coronavirus.

As frontline healthcare and emergency workers form the frontline against the coronavirus, they are also putting their mental health under pressure.

By combining services these organisations are able to offer practical, non-judgemental support, with problems ranging from feeling overwhelmed or stressed, through to coping with the bereavement of a colleague or family member.

You Support Us, We Support You.  Round the clock mental health support.  Our Frontline.  Image is a man mopping the floor.
Image from Our Frontline

This support is important right now, but it will be equally critical in the months ahead, when we want to make sure that we rebuild and recover the mental health of our frontline workers, alongside our economy and communities.

Our Frontline offers a combination of online resources and round-the-clock support from trained volunteers, providing a range of methods and ideas useful for looking after mental health.

If you know someone who works on the medical frontline please let them know about this new support offering and if you’re personally experiencing anxiety during these times The Crisis Text LineShout and Kids Help Phone have crisis counsellors ready to help you manage your anxiety.

Virgin Unite and the 100% Human at Work Initiative are proud to support Shout.