How The Eve Branson Foundation is inspiring its employees and raising up women in Morocco

Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
23 March 2023

The Eve Branson Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Hanane El Bouhamidi recently joined the team as Programme Manager. We caught up with her to find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Hanane, I am 40 years old and a mother of two, and I am the Programme Manager at the Eve Branson Foundation.

How did you learn about The Eve Branson Foundation?

I heard about EBF for the first time several years ago thanks to the sewing and embroidery centre that Eve had set up. The centre offered women from the local village great opportunities, enabling them to develop their skills and in turn, improve their living conditions.

Why did you want to work for EBF?

I chose to work for The Eve Branson Foundation because I strongly believe in the value of its work. Its mission to empower women and improve their position, especially in rural areas, is vital for the sustainable development of society. I wanted to be a part of this worthwhile cause and help to change women’s lives for the better.

Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation

What does your job involve?

I help to develop the craft centres, support community initiatives such as the new study centre project and manage relations with public bodies. I organise the day to day running of the EBF office and oversee guest visits to our programmes.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Improving the situation of women. Even though it has only been a couple of months since I joined EBF, I am already proud of the way in which the team work together with the shared goal of empowering women.

Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation

What progress are you seeing in supporting women in society?

Over the years, I have seen a positive shift in attitudes towards women. People are beginning to recognise the importance of gender equality and the fundamental role women play in the development of our society. There is better integration in the workplace and an active participation in professional life and wider society. However, there is still much work to be done to break stereotypes and prevent discrimination, and to promote a culture where there is gender equality and mutual respect.

What role can EBF play in helping to improve everyday life for women in Morocco?

Vocational training, job creation and marketing their products and skills.

Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given?

To have confidence in yourself and to develop your skillset.

What advice would you give to other women who would like to earn a living?

Build your skills and give it a go!

Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation

Who most inspires you and why?

My mother, she is my ultimate role model. My mother’s story is one of success because she has always known how to overcome life's challenges with courage and determination. Despite the challenges and obstacles she faced, she managed to raise and educate her children while working hard to provide for us. She taught me the value of education and what it means to be determined, which inspired me to pursue my dreams and get involved in causes close to my heart.

What is your proudest achievement?

The job that I am doing today. The values and ethics of the organisation are very inspiring and I feel privileged to be a part of this collective effort. At the same time, I have an opportunity to interact with some of the women that we are helping and to see firsthand, their determination to learn and grow. This makes me proud and motivates me even more to contribute to their success and to help them to fulfil their potential.

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