The Elders launch new podcast: Finding Humanity

picture of , Mary Robinson and Zeid Raad Al Hussein with mics
Image from The Elders
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
18 May 2020

The Elders discuss COVID-19 and global leadership on new podcast collaboration: Finding Humanity.

The Elders have announced their first ever podcast initiative, exploring the need for empathetic and principled leadership in the time of COVID-19.

The Elders will partner with the Humanity Lab Foundation and Human Group Media for four special edition episodes of Finding Humanity. Their first episode features an in-depth discussion between two former UN High Commissioners for Human Rights, Mary Robinson and Zeid Raad Al Hussein. The Finding Humanity podcast collaboration is a first for The Elders, who hope to provoke new thinking about how we respond to COVID-19 and shape the global recovery.

In discussions recorded exclusively for the podcast, the Chair of The Elders and former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, talks candidly to world leaders about the ethical challenges of decision-making, the wider consequences of the pandemic response, and how we can build back a better world.

Mary Robinson, said: “Dialogue matters at this critical time and the Finding Humanity podcast encourages critical conversations. It asks; how can we learn from the past to address the challenges of today and tomorrow? How do we put peace, justice and human rights at the heart of decision-making in these troubled times? “The Elders are proud to collaborate with the Humanity Lab Foundation to explore these vital questions. World leaders, policy makers, civil society groups and all those seeking to shape a fairer world have an opportunity to take decisions that will help us build a better world together. The Finding Humanity podcast is all about how we make those decisions."

Joined by the podcast host Hazami Barmada, Mary Robinson talks in depth to other Elders, including: 

  • Former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Laureate, Juan Manuel Santos, on peace building, climate change and lessons for the post COVID-19 world

  • Former President of Liberia and Nobel Peace Laureate, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, on women’s leadership in the pandemic and the future of development in Africa

  • Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad Al Hussein, on human rights and protecting the most vulnerable during and after the crisis.

The special editions will run alongside nine other episodes in the inaugural season of Finding Humanity, which explore the personal experiences of those living on the frontline of the issues addressed in the Elders’ discussions. _____________________________

Virgin Unite, with the support of a great group of partners, had the privilege of incubating The Elders in 2007. We continue to support the Elders to reach their goals of supporting peace, justice and human rights worldwide.