Dream Corps on the power of our common humanity

Dream Corps - #CUT50
Dream Corps - #CUT50
Headshot of Greg Rose
by Greg Rose
9 November 2020

“To achieve lasting change sometimes requires the hard, even radical, choice of partnering with people you'd least expect.” Introducing justice reform advocate Nisha Anand’s powerful TED Talk on the radical act of choosing common ground.

Nisha is the Executive Director of Dream Corps, which is the parent organisation of #CUT50 - one of Virgin Unite’s partners in working for criminal justice reform.

The radical act of choosing common ground | Nisha Anand

She shares her moving story of working with surprising partners to tackle enormous challenges and calls on all of us to expand our connections and work with people we wouldn’t expect to make purposeful progress.

She makes the case that to do really big things, we need to be willing reach across divides: "If we want change on a large scale, we need large movements. And that means our circles have to be bigger."

Using #CUT50's work on the First Step Act as an example, Nisha delivers the message that all of us have a lot in common. By choosing the courage to love each other, or at least see the humanity in those we might have dismissed as too different or too other, there's a potential for collaboration strong enough to change the world.

The talk is a great reminder of the power of our common humanity. Watch the video above and head over to Dream Corps to find out more about Nisha’s work.