Adopting an impact mindset with Amplify Capital

Amplify Capital
Amplify Capital
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
28 December 2023

Since 2014, Virgin Unite has partnered with Amplify Capital (formerly known as the MaRS Catalyst Fund) to support Canadian entrepreneurs who are tackling social and environmental challenges. 

The partnership was created to increase awareness and effectiveness in social finance. Amplify Capital invests in solutions to society’s biggest challenges in three key areas: climate, healthcare and education and future of work. 

Canada has committed to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 40-45% by 2030 from 2005 levels, and to net-zero emissions by 2050. Amplify Capital is looking for solutions that reduce, capture or replace environmental impact and gas emissions at scale. It has invested in Hydrostor, a long duration energy storage solutions provider that is enabling grid operators to scale renewable energy and secure grid capacity.  

Amplify Capital is also looking to address inequality in education to improve diversity in the workforce. It has invested in solutions that can democratise access to the best-in-class tools and learning outcomes, including: Chalk – an education software company that offers curriculum mapping and lesson planning platform for schools, EarlyBird – a comprehensive early literacy assessment tool, and Uvaro – a community-based career success company dedicated to helping people achieve financial health and find fulfilment through work. 

Amplify Capital is investing in solutions that democratise access to quality care for better patient health outcomes and improving cost efficiency. Some of its investments in this area include: Inkblot – an online mental health support platform, Valence Labs – a research lab committed to advancing the use of AI in drug discovery, and Verto – a digital health company that enables providers to deliver hyper-personalised care to patients. 

Through these investments, Amplify Capital has already made progress toward its 2030 goals, including: 1,172 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide offset – that’s the equivalent of removing 261 gasoline-powered cars from the road for a year, 15.6 million students across North America prepared for future work success, $123 million healthcare costs saved, and 4.2 million people with improved health outcomes. 

“Our investment in now Amplify Capital was based on the opportunity to build an impact investing platform in Canada,” Virgin Unite Canada Board Member, Andrew Bridge explained. “The team have outperformed our expectations by building a track record of delivering outstanding impact alongside top-tier financial returns.  We’re thrilled with our investment and how it has enabled other investment funds to leverage business as a force for good and adopt the impact mindset.” 

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