15 years of never accepting the unacceptable

Estelle performs at Virgin Unite's 15 Year's of Wonder celebration
Image from Casey Kelbaugh
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by Holly Branson
16 January 2020

When Virgin Unite launched in 2005, I was still knee-deep in my medical training. I attended their events with what little free time I had around my studies and I was excited by their innovative approach to business, charity and how the two should work together. It's truly revolutionary.

The team was driven by the belief that they could (and should) change the way business approached charity for the better. They were not short of big dreams and big ambitions! Since then, Virgin Unite has collaborated with the most inspiring organisations, each one of them striving to reach bold and courageous goals. Together they have made remarkable impact – for the good of the planet and for the good of humanity.

When Virgin Unite started 15 years ago we had big dreams & big ambitions – and yet still, we never could have imagined the wonder that would result from working with some of the world’s most incredible people and partners.

To mark Virgin Unite's 15th anniversary we’re looking back, celebrating, and shining a spotlight on the incredible people and organisations we have partnered with throughout the years. Bringing people together, by breaking down traditional silos that had previously existed between businesses, charities, government and community, is at the very heart of everything we do at Virgin Unite. Facilitating incredible individuals and groups to come together to bring about real change is our passion and driving force. 

From the climate crisis to human rights, from criminal justice reform to ocean conservation, we’ve seen that when the right people come together, transformation is possible  –  and that through collaboration, solutions to the world’s most complex issues are within our grasp.

By working with a sense of urgent patience, we’ve strived to end needless suffering and joined courageous collectives to reinvent systems to drive change for good. 

Jean, Holly and Anna stand together, smiling.
Image from Virgin Unite

We’ve strived to end needless suffering and joined courageous collectives to reinvent systems and drive change for good. Our 15th anniversary is a time to celebrate our collective impact as well as recommit our efforts for the next 15 years. We have so much more to do.

Virgin Unite 15th Anniversary.
Image from Casey Kelbaugh

We're looking forward to sharing our ‘15 Years of Wonder’ stories with you all throughout the coming year. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this series of blogs and video interviews showcasing Virgin Unite partners and sharing their inspiring visions, passions, achievements and hopes for the future. As chair of Virgin Unite, I could not be more proud of what the team and all our incredible partners have achieved over the last 15 years. Here’s to what the future has in store!

Richard Branson on stage with three people for Virgin Unite 15th Anniversary
Image from Casey Kelbaugh

In the words of my Dad and Virgin Unite founder, Richard Branson, “Wonder sparks when people come together to bring joy, hope and dignity to our fellow human beings and when we protect the awe inspiring natural world for generations to come.”