The ocean sustains life on earth. It provides half the oxygen we breathe, has absorbed a quarter of our carbon emissions, supports the livelihoods of over three billion people and puts food on our plates.

But the ocean is in trouble. There’s more plastic in the ocean than ever before – by 2050 it’s predicted there will be more plastic than fish! Pollution is causing ‘dead zones’, climate change is warming the ocean making it increasingly acidic, overfishing is putting species dangerously at risk and ecosystems are being pushed beyond their limit.

Despite covering 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, only three per cent of the ocean is currently under some form of protection, and much of the remaining 97 per cent suffers from poor management. There is also so much we still don’t know – the ocean is probably the least understood and most biologically diverse of all of Earth’s ecosystems with millions of species yet to be discovered.  

But it’s not too late. We can change the tide. The ocean is incredibly resilient and it could recover, but only if we all play our part. Studies have shown that creating marine protected areas have multiple positive effects – they result in higher fish populations, larger fish, and greater biodiversity both within the reserve and beyond, due to the “spill-over” effect.

Today is an historic moment for the oceans. Running from June 5th to 9th, the United Nations is hosting the first ever conference entirely dedicated to the ocean – focussing on Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water.

To coincide with this, Virgin Unite’s initiative, Ocean Unite, is launching a campaign called The Ocean is Everybody’s Business – all about how business can help protect the ocean for the future. For advice on how businesses can play their part, visit the dedicated Ocean is Everybody’s Business website which outlines 8 keys ways to make ocean business your business.

For individuals looking to do their bit to save the ocean, there are lots of things we can all do. Here’s a few ideas:

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Join us this week – and every week – as we work to make the ocean everybody’s business.