Richard Branson hosted a charity gala this weekend to celebrate the launch of Unite BVI – a new charity dedicated to tackling community and environmental challenges across the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Richard has lived in the BVI for many years, and is passionate about working with the local community to create positive change in the area. Proudly supported by Virgin Unite, Unite BVI was created to make this work possible. 

The Gala welcomed more than 250 guests – including VIPs of the BVI Government, Directors of local NPOs, community group leaders, local residents and co-donor partners – to Moskito Island, with the aim to create a group of stakeholders who positively influence and support local projects.

Virgin Unite, Unite BVI, Richard Branson

Lauren Keil, Foundation Manager at Unite BVI, said: “The gala was a fantastic opportunity to bring together leaders from the region to hear more about the work of Unite BVI and discuss ways to create opportunities to inspire and empower the next generation of world-changers.”

The new foundation will work on all sorts of projects – from advocating for the protection of the environment to initiatives that enrich the community, such as: supporting local entrepreneurs; investing in education; and addressing public health and social welfare issues with sustainable solutions.

Unite BVI will tackle community and environmental challenges to benefit future generations.

“At Unite BVI we are dedicated to supporting and empowering the local community. We are focused on identifying the root causes of issues and working together to overcome challenges to make a real difference and bring about positive change,” said Lauren.  

Virgin Unite, Unite BVI, Richard Branson

The foundation will engage with the local BVI community to identify the areas in which they can make the most difference: bringing together people, and coming up with great ideas and the resources to spur sustainable, positive impact for the benefit of this generation and generations to come.

Virgin Unite, Unite BVI, Richard Branson

The three key focus areas of the organisation include:

  • Supporting Entrepreneurs: Unite BVI will connect the region’s most promising start-up entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to thrive. The charity aims to help create jobs and opportunities in the local community.
  • Environmental Conservation: Advocating for the preservation of natural beauty on the BVI by protecting vulnerable species and encouraging ‘greener’ solutions.
  • Community Enrichment: Enriching the community through supporting education projects and health and social developments. 
Virgin Unite, Unite BVI, Richard Branson

All Unite BVI overheads are covered by Virgin Unite, the Branson family, and Virgin Limited Edition; meaning that 100 per cent of all donations received will go directly to the initiatives they create or support. Virgin Unite is incredibly excited about the launch of foundation and the work they’re doing to empower the islands to prosper.

To learn more about the foundation and how you can get involved visit their brand new website and follow for updates across Facebook and Instagram.