JUST Capital – an independent, non-profit working to build a more just marketplace – has released a list of the top 100 US companies leading the way in promoting a culture of health in America. 

Companies were chosen based on their support for the health of employees, customers, the environment, and communities across the US. 

Through its impact on jobs, housing, transportation, education, and the environment, corporate America plays a critical role in addressing the overall health of the nation – this list is focused on building a national ‘culture of health’ where everyone has a fair and just opportunity at health and well-being.

Compared with other companies, the list toppers:

  • Paid 90 per cent lower worker safety fines
  • Produced 52 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Experienced 63 per cent fewer controversies related to community impacts 
  • Scored 10 per cent higher on crowdsourced work-life balance satisfaction and 8 per cent higher on benefits satisfaction

Microsoft (MSFT) topped the list, based particularly on its environmental performance as well as its strong work-life balance and use of local resources, followed by Cigna (CI) and Intel (INTC).

“Investing in a stronger culture of health is not only a positive social good, but a clear and urgent business priority for corporate America,” said Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital. “Companies that support their workers, the communities in which they operate, and healthy outcomes overall provide a roadmap for the rest of the private sector, and we look forward to supporting forward-thinking business leaders on making this the norm.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that healthier communities achieve improved education outcomes, attract more talented workers, and perform more productively and competitively. The list highlights the essential role that business plays in building a sustainable, inclusive, and healthy America.