When Next Jump asked if we’d like to visit their offices to go on a ‘Culture Tour’ and learn more about how they’re making their company more human, I knew we were in for a treat.

Next Jump have often shared their learnings with the 100% Human at Work network as they’re always trying new things and pushing the envelope of culture in the workplace.

They believe that building a culture of feedback is paramount to driving high performing teams. Even the Culture Tour itself functions as a learning opportunity; Miranda, a junior team member led the tour knowing she was being observed and would receive feedback from other colleagues after. They’ve even developed an in-house mobile app to facilitate the feedback process; which they’re now open-sourcing to help other organisations. 

Next Jump staff (“Next Jumpers”) commit 50 per cent of their time to building the culture at the company. So much so, that they don’t have an HR team. Everyone in the organisation assumes responsibility of traditional functions of HR (including recruiting, training, development etc.), to ensure all team members feel the ownership of building the culture in which they work.

They look at culture in four main parts, which they call the “PEMS” pyramid. 

The P is for Physical. Next Jump believes that a strong physical base – centered around fitness, nutrition, and sleep – is the key to starting the journey of growth. All Next Jumpers are encouraged to visit the gym two times a week, and are provided with healthy meal choices daily – making fitness easy and accessible. (Again, they’ve built an app to track and measure their fitness progress!)

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The E stands for Emotional, where Next Jumpers have engineered programs to help measure, and improve decision making abilities. A key part of this is their ‘Talking Partners’ – a program in which everyone has a colleague they can share responsibility and grow with. Talking Partners are encouraged to reflect on their own character traits, aspiring to create an environment that allows complete honesty and vulnerability.

The M stands for Mental Training – a series of initiatives which focus on skill-building, such as coding and business skills etc .

Lastly, the S stands for Spiritual Training, which looks to give back and connect with the community, including encouraging staff to help run the after school programme. Next Jump is on a mission to change the world.

If that wasn’t enough, Next Jump also run Leadership Academies which invite business leaders to ‘learn, observe and do’ the culture through a three-day intense immersion.

With a no-fire-policy, complete transparency and a comprehensive recognition scheme (complete with another custom build open-sourced app), Next Jump is serious about culture. And they still find time to make a living – so much so that sales continue to grow alongside the increased investment in culture. In fact, they describe the culture as being their number one business strategy.

We certainly learned a lot, and came away brimming with ideas. Thanks so much to the team at Next Jump for making it possible.

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