Liberia is fragile. It is the third poorest country in the world, and more recently was stricken with further pain and suffering as a result of the Ebola outbreak. Despite all of this, its economy is growing.


We committed our efforts to supporting this growth back in September 2013, when, along with Humanity United and Spark, we launched a pilot entrepreneurship support programme through the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa - and we’re thrilled that this has seen exciting things take shape.

Fortunately we are one of many trying to support the regrowth and healing of Liberia and this week we’re asking you to take part in a thunderclap organised by our Liberia programme partner, Spark.

As part of their work, Spark Liberia has joined forces with Liberia Better Business Forum, to establish the world’s first Social Enterprise Special Economic Zone (SESEZ). The problem? They need reformed Special Economic Zone legislation to allow their plans to go ahead.

“The zone would provide a socially conscious, impact orientated, industrial hub that would allow Liberians to transform their economy and build a #BetterLiberia” - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

This is a real opportunity for the people of Liberia to fight back against their hardship and build new lives for themselves. To achieve this goal Spark Liberia is asking you to help send a loud message to the Liberian legislature that Liberia needs them to pass SEZ legislation to speed up the path to recovery.

Here's how you can get involved:

Take part in a Thunderclap

Thunderclap is a social media platform that allows people and organisations to pledge a Tweet or Facebook message that is concentrated and unleashed all at the same time - think of it as a massive flash mob on Twitter. It’s completely safe and will automatically post exactly one message on your behalf.

  1. Visit the thunderclap page.
  2. Click “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Facebook”
  3. At the end of the campaign on July 13th, your message of support will automatically be shared on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Thank you!

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